About Kidult City

What is Kidult City???  

Remember when you received the toy that you always wanted after weeks of begging your folks into buying it for you?  Remember the joy that came with opening the packaging for the first time and letting your imagination soar into another universe?  Well just because we get older doesn't mean we have to conform to what the world defines as an "adult."

This is a place where Kidults could come to reminisce about their childhood and not be ashamed to browse through toys, actions figures and accessories.  This is a place where we could talk about the new upcoming superhero movie, and review the newest comic and toy line up for the season.  Why not?  We're adults now, and we have our own income, we make our own choices, therefore we don't need permission to splurge a little...

As a father, and a lover of all things Batman, I love that I can share with my child the cartoons and toys of my past.  I wanted to provide a place where toys and comics and superheroes are cool again, and as I give into my "kidultish" urges, I'm able to pick up a toy or two for my little ones as well.  In a world filled with stress, deadlines and responsibilities, why not give into your inner child once in a while and imagine for a split second...that you are Batman, or Ironman, or Wonder Woman, or any of the Disney princesses.  lol~

This is who I am, this is what I love.  I'm a kidult and I'm proud of it!!!


Mission Statement:

CasONE (Kidult City) was founded by life-long licensed toy and licensed merchandise aficionados, who strive to bring quality toy products at discounted prices to other toy lovers in the United States. From world-renowned and respected brands like Marvel, Mattel, DC Comics, Funko, Disney and Sanrio, we commit ourselves to sourcing the best value in toys, collectibles, and gifts for the general public. At CasONE (Kidult City), we believe that all companies and organizations should have the following values:

Deliver WOW through service
Embrace and drive change
Create fun and a little weirdness
Be adventurous, creative, and open-minded
Pursue growth and learning
Build open and honest relationships with communication
Build a positive team and family spirit
Do more and better With less
Be passionate and determined on goals and objectives
Be humble always