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Finally a time for a new CBotW, but first a huge plug (it's not shameless because I'm an employee, but to be fair, I was a customer way long before I became a minion) to +Undercity Comics the best place(s) to get comics in Southern California! Ahem...Ok back to the CBotW which is Iron Fist: The Living Weapon #3. I am not so familiar with Danny Rand so I was curious to learn a bit about him, and boy was I surprised. I love reviewing (and loving) the more obscure Marvel heroes' comics. When they're good, you know that the perfect writer and artist has been married with the perfect comic. Is this such a case?
Doesn't this cover look awesome? Have a peek inside.

This iteration of Iron Fist takes a look back at Danny Rand's childhood concerning the loss of his parents and his subsequent adoption into the people of K'un L'un, as well as him eventually becoming the Iron Fist and choosing to leave K'un L'un to get revenge on his parent's murderer. This back story is being weaved into his present exploits as  he is attacked at his home in NYC by cybernetic zombie ninjas who are looking for a monk who has come to deliver the message for Rand to return home. With the foreshadowing of something bad having happened at home, has Iron Fist's legacy of revenge come back to bite him in the butt?

First and foremost, Kaare Andrews does an amazing job with this comic. As the writer and the artist, so far he's making it seem like he's been waiting for this opportunity. The story is a perfect combo of the past coming back to affect the present, which is such an important component for someone who is so embittered with his need for revenge. Because hate often times begets more hate and so does revenge no matter how seemingly justified. This reminds me of the story of Joseph and his brothers in the book of Genesis. They sold Joseph into slavery and some how Joseph grows to become a very high positioned leader in Egypt. Upon meeting his brothers during a famine that strikes the land, Joseph could have enacted his revenge on his brothers, but instead reveals himself and helps his family because he knows that God used their evil to bring eventual good. Anytime revenge is considered, there needs to be a bigger dose of perspective introduced to prevent needless suffering. More often than not when were determined to get revenge on someone for a wrongdoing, we inflict more harm on ourselves. But for this arc of Iron Fist: The Living Weapon, Andrews is doing a fantastic job of weaving the story to eventually feature the product of Danny Rand's rage and revenge.

The art is once again perfect for the comic. The thick penciling really puts great detail on an Iron Fist who obviously battles with rage because he wears it on his face. The penciling also shows the definition onto the body of a martial arts master who has honed his body into literally a living weapon. In the action scenes of which there are plenty, the penciling turns into a rough sketch style to show the fast paced fighting that martial arts movies are known for. The colors are used with intentionality with lots of contrast between the past and the present scenes. The paneling keeps everything moving at the perfect pace and the lettering is expertly used to season the pages. Everything just screams out that this comic was made with love.
Awsome action.
Every time Marvel does a reboot or a relaunch we get to see a new diamond in the rough. So far for me it's Iron Fist, The Living Weapon. Make sure you pick this new series (only 3 issues) up now.


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